Amrit Rao Peshwa Palace

Amrit Rao Peshwa Palace is an authentic Brahmin refectory that dates back to the Peshwa period of the 19th century. Varanasi as we all know is a city where vast riches of Indian music, art and dance cultures were born and this is one address where one can get an insight into all of this by witnessing a traditional cultural show. At the Amrit Rao Peshwa Palace one can experience rich old dances and music such as the ancient Ahir dance performed by the cowherds and kept alive by them through generations. A guided tour around the palace grants visitors an insight into the Indian way of life at Varanasi and also offers interesting insights into rituals and pious activities that are carried out on the banks of the river Ganges. It also involves a short walk through the oldest and the most famous narrow lanes of the older part of the city. A cultural programme of classical and traditional folk dance performed by a group of renowned artists on the terrace of the Haveli that commands a panoramic view of the world famous Ghats of Varanasi is also an added attraction. Based on the tenets of Hinduism, mornings at Amrit Rao Peshwa Palace for Arts, Religion & Culture comes alive with the chanting of Vedas as well as aarti, bhajans, kirtans and other music-based forms of prayer. There are also discourses on yoga and meditation as well as talks to further elaborate the timeless role and significance of river Ganges in the life of every Indian. The haveli offers a fantastic opportunity for all to witness and experience India firsthand. Guests are welcomed at the Ghat with tikka and garlands while shehnai plays in the background and Brahmins chant shlokas. An arrangement for a sumptuous vegetarian meal is always there. Evening onwards thousands of diyas are set afloat on the river which aided by the fireworks create an ethereal experience that draws to a close with an enchanting panoramic view of Varanasi from the terrace.


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