Gurudham Temple

Located in Durgakund area, Gurudham Temple is believed to be a tantrik temple and also regarded as a place to achieve spiritual elevation. Built in the year 1814 by Raja Jai Narain Ghoshal of Khidderpur of Bengal, the temple is octagonal in shape with eight entrances and eight courtyards. All details of construction such as the measurement of cubicles, veranda and dome, number of stairs and height and pictures inscribed on its eight gates, defines one or more symbolic explanations. The temple however has remained in oblivion for too long. Owing to the negligence and encroachments, it has become a hotspot of illegal activities such as gambling and for consuming liquor. Faced with complete administrative inaction the old brick structure of the temple decayed drastically while the backyard was mostly used as a garbage dumping area. Renovation and protection began in 2013 with the funds sanctioned by the 13th Finance Commission in 2013, under regional archaeological officer Subhash Chandra Yadav. The restoration work was begun with a great deal of sincerity and was carried out with the use of traditional mortar prepared with 'gur', 'bel', 'urad dal', 'surkhi', and red sand. The decaying plaster was painstakingly cleaned and filled with this mortar ensuring that no chemical or physical change occurs in the original structure. It is heartening to note that the local government too is making the best efforts to preserve and protect the monument. Additionally events are organised here regularly with the help of local theatre groups and fine arts students to create awareness about the protection of heritage sites not only of this but other such anywhere in the country. Theatre group members who have been allowed to practice dramatics in the temple say they find the place peaceful and full of positive energy.


Sarnath - A Quest Within - Buddham Sharnam Gacchami

3 km, 01 Hour 08 Minutes

18 places

सारनाथ - बुद्धम शरणम् गच्छामि

3 km, 01 Hour 18 Minutes

18 places

बनारस - घाट घाट के ठाठ

3 km, 01 Hour 20 Minutes

32 places

Banaras Ghats – Steps to Eternity

3 km, 01 Hour 16 Minutes

32 places

Banaras - Gully to Ganges

3 km, 01 Hour 20 Minutes

20 places


サルナート - クエスト内

3 km, 01 Hour 13 Minutes

18 places

Сарнат - Задание внутри

3 km, 01 Hour 07 Minutes

18 places

Sarnath - Eine innere Aufgabe

3 km, 01 Hour 03 Minutes

18 places

Sarnath - Une quête à l'intérieur

3 km, 01 Hour 02 Minutes

18 places

سارناث - السعي ضمن

3 km, 01 Hour 12 Minutes

18 places

Sarnath - Una búsqueda dentro

3 km, 01 Hour 06 Minutes

18 places

鹿野苑 - 探索之内

3 km, 01 Hour 09 Minutes

18 places


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